Session 3: Rebellion Rendezvous & Dead in the Water

Whilst Timi struggled to get the M226 out of a deadlock approach to Coruscant, the group attempted to round up the rest of the crew into a more manageable state. A huge stutter throws the entire crew off balance and the M226 finds herself exiting hyperspace into the vicinity of a Gas Giant. In the void of space Marek noticed a little too late that they’ve jumped into a trap. Tailed by a Gozanti-Class cruiser with Two Tie Fighters in tow, Thall tried and failed to coerce Lieutenant Troo to misinform the incoming impreial pursuit. The group quickly jumped into position. Timi and Thall taking up the Captain’s Seat and Co-Pilot console, while Marek taking up the engineering console and Alema attempting to work on the Hyperdrive to get it working. Timi punched the bulky freighter into its maximum speed, far from being able to outrun it’s match. Marek flexed his mechanical skills to angle the deflector shield from fore to aft, setting up for a full retreat and to buy as much time as possible. The first Tie swoops in attempting to get a close look at the freighter came in a little too close, banking hard reverse to avoid collision, the second tie’s first attack run does’t find its target missing by a narrow margin, while the Gozanti class opening fire as well, it’s twin heavy laser cannon hammering the M226’s shields. Marek’s quick thinking jettisoned one of the cargo pod’s side hatch, ejecting fumes of junks into the path of the disoriented Tie, disabling its engine for good. “JUMP” screamed Alema as she figured out all the astrogation nonsense to calculate a safe jump into hyperspace, failing to mask the trail though to avoid Imperial pursuit.

The M226 jumped into a complete void starscape, with the exception of one hulking flying hangar in front of the bridge.


Timi quickly identified the ship is a friendly Quasar fire class Bulk Cruiser, commonly used by the rebellion as starfighter carrier, yet this one is a little bit different… it’s holds are mostly filled with mid to large sized containers in lieu of the usual hangar deck.

A chime comes in on the M226’s communication console, where Timi answered. “Rawwwwr rawwrrr” distinctively wookie in origin, then comes a monotone voice “I’m speaking on behalf of my Captain ”/characters/brahtikka" class=“wiki-content-link”>Brahtikka of the Alliance Support Vessel Splinster’s Loom. I’m LELU, Wookie-Human relations, and we’re here to pick you and your cargo up." The group is subsequently given a moment to contemplate what to do with the crew they now held hostage as the Wookie captain has refused to take on the imperial prisoners. Thall failed to convince Troo to join them back to the Alliance while some deckhands did decided to come with the group. The group is split with Marek, Alema and Timi advocating to leave the rest of the crew be and Thall thinking it’s in the Alliance’s best interest to execute them, arguing it is a bad idea for the Empire to know they have one of their cargo vessels hijacked by Rebellion operatives. The issue finally comes to a vote and the crew is to be jettisoned in a vacated cargo pod with all life essential. As a last twisted effort to humiliate the crew, Marek forced at gunpoint the crew to enter pod naked… an hour goes by as the group and the Splinster’s Loom attempted to tow all the cargo pods in as well as the crew. It is in this time when Thall attempted to and failed to find a way to sabotage the jettisoning prison pod, succeeding however without the rest of the group knowing. Alema did her utmost sending the empty hulk of the temple class freighter into a preset coordinates but a last minute problem means that the coordinates might not have probably masked from the imperials.

Boarding the Splinster’s Loom, the group took on a three days trip back to the Alliance intelligence flagship shadow raptor. Coming about the it’s final approached, Thall learned from the bruised rebel prisoner Able Neereno that he was part of the Alliance intelligence operation to uncover a traitor in the midst of the secret base at Arda 1. Falling into the empires hand following an ambush, downing his T-47 speeder, he is bound for coruscant for the ISB’s interrogation. He is unwilling to reveal further details to the group before a full debrief with Alliance intelligence.

The less than pleasant sound of hyperdrive powering down is followed by the group, now gathered on the bridge taking in the view of the returning starscape. For a moment the crew thought they lost the Alliance intelligence flagship there, only with Timi noticing the star fields just seems to be blank on their port side… A mechanical thump indicated the ship has docked with some entity and the group finally realise the familiar outlines of a nebulon b frigate, now coated in a pitch black stealth finish. Looks like the shadow raptor had undergone a slight refit. The group is greeted by the ship’s navigator Tay, a bosph male they’re unfamiliar with. Marek wanted to unwind a while but the group decided they will first head to the bridge to debrief before all else. It is at this point when the ships Miralan captain, Hylo Sortuli greets the group and leads them to the briefing room where she punched in her data card, revealing a live holo connection to general cracken at an unknown location. The general congratulates the group on a mission successful and asked for the groups help, in the interim when they debrief able Neereno, to help with a supply mission for the raptor. The group is to meet up with a Alliance vetted smuggler group from the ship ‘crusader’ to arrange transfer for a shipment of protocol and repair droids recently liberated from Hammer station, a imperial cargo outpost. The group is promised a choice of specops grade gear from the quartermaster of the ship.

Meanwhile Thall stayed behind and advised the general he is aware of the locations of the M226 hulk and the group of prisoners they stowed on course the rebellion held space. cracken offers Thall’s group a longprobe YWing and defers to his discretion whether to go after the potentially dangerous M226 or the imperial crew, whom their capture may be a significant Intel boost for the Alliance.


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