Marek Saar


Marek Saar, son of Mara and Kyra Saar, born on the planet Lothal in 26 BY on a small grain


During the early years of Marek’s life he learnt the trades of his family in the hope that he

would continue the family business. At the age of 8 the Empire seized the Saar’s farm and

forced Mara and Kyra into a re-settlement camp. Mara and Kyra managed to persuade the

Empire to let Marek work in one of the starship factories. Marek begrudgingly went but vowed

to get his parents freed.

At the age of 10 during a routine visit to see his parents, Marek discovered that his family had

been detained and moved to a secure holding area on suspicion of being a rebel sympathizer.

Marek exhausted every avenue available to him to try to find out his parents location but was

warned that he will be under surveillance due to his parent’s political alignment and to stop


Due to his growing anger with the Empire, Marek started plotting and planning to escape the

factory and search for his parents. Once night during his factory shift, Marek snuck aboard a

supply vessel and hid with the hope of leaving the factory and gaining passage to the next city

in the hope of finding his parents. Unknown to Marek, the craft was destined for off world

travel. During the journey, the vessel was intercepted by a group of pirate who commandeered

the vehicle and took it to the planet Florrum.

During the search and stripping of the vessel, Marek was found and taken to the leader of the

pirates: Jephago Yalthik. Now Jephago was a rebel supporter and a kind man, but don’t think

that he will not slit your throat in a blink of an eye. Jephago listened to Marek’s story and took

sympathy on him.

Over the years, Jephago mentored and honed Marek’s skills in tracking, fighting and survival.

Marek eventually found out that Jephago used to be a member of the rebels but Jephago

wouldn’t say exactly what he did.

At the age of 20 Marek had become a respected pirate amongst the gang of pirates on Jephago

and was given his own ship to command by Jephago who now looked on Marek as a son. It was

mostly an old type YT-1000 stock light freighter but had been repaired so many times that some

people would argue that it was not an YT-1000 anymore.

One morning Marek was awoken to the sounds of laser fire and explosions. “The Empire, They

have found us” came blasting over the PA, “get out and regroup, repeat, get out and regroup”.

Marek scrambled to get dressed and to grab as many supplies as possible. He made it to his

ship and took off. During his escape most of the pirate vessels were destroyed and the base

obliterated. Marek met up with one other ship at Tatooine. There, he learnt of Jephagos

death. With little money and supplies, Marek took on work to become a bounty hunter.

For 5 years Marek worked as a bounty hunter, capturing people and returning them for

rewards. He never killed unless he had to. Marek only ever took bounties that involved non

rebel people and this caused him to become a bounty himself. One day Marek stopped on Ord

Mantell to look for new work leads and to resupply his ship. Marek was sitting down in the

local cantina eating his lunch when a twi’lek walked in. She was the most beautiful thing Marek

had ever seen. He stared at her and she noticed him staring. She walked over to the table

where Marek was sitting and said “Is there something wrong? Do I have something on my face?

Or is there another reason that you keep staring?” Marek, a little flustered by this aggressive

questioning mumbled an apology like a naughty child.

They sat and talked for a bit whilst eating and drinking. Once they had finished at the cantina,

Marek and Alema continued walking back to the docking bays.

“This is mine” Marek said when they got to his ship.

“Wow an YT-1000, you don’t see these anymore” Alema said with a look of excitement on her


“She’s not the prettiest but she’s home. Want to have a guided tour?

Alema smiled and cautiously followed Marek onto his ship.

“Ok Alema, this is the mess room”

“I think all the rooms are mess rooms” She said with a grin.

“OK, next” Marek said whilst signaling to Alema to lead the way.

They approached a door that didn’t open.

“Broken?” Alema enquired.

“Temperamental. Let me have a look” Marek approached Alema and stretched his hands

around her whilst fiddling with some circuits on the wall. Whoosh, the door opened and Marek

allowed Alema to continue. She walked into a small room with no windows.

Alema turned around to see Marek standing there with a gun pointed at her.

“What the …” Alema protested.

“I’m sorry but you have a good bounty on your head for being an imperial spy”

Marek, against his better judgement and personal rules talked to Alema about the bounty.

Alema tried her best to convince Marek he was wrong. Marek approached Alema and pulled

out a pair of handcuffs.

“Really, on our first date” Alema quipped. Marek didn’t know where to look.

He leant in and was about to start hand cuffing Alema when she locks eyes. She stared to move

her lips closer to his when at the last minute, she breaks away. Alema turned her back to

Marek and started taking her top off, Marek started to frantically undress. Alema turned

around to face Marek when to his surprise she had a gun pointed at him.

“Not bad at all” Alema said looking Marek up and down.

“Pick up the cuffs and chain yourself to that pipe” she said whilst putting clothes back on.

Marek did as he was told and when secured, Alema blew him a kiss and left.

Marek watched her go with a smile on his face. Once freed Marek picked up his gun and put

the ammo clip back into in.

“Marek, you soft sod” he said to himself whilst closing the bay door.

Marek occasionally flew back to his home world but was unable to break atmosphere due to

the bounty on his head. He would just stay in orbit as long as possible listening to radio chatter

with the hope of finding out any information about his parents.

It was a few years later that Marek was in Mos Eisley visiting a friend and resupplying stocks.

During his walk back to the docking bay he noticed a familiar ship being investigated by Imperial

troops. “No it can’t be” he thought to himself. He carried on walking to his ship. He sat down

and was ready for take-off when he shouted “Damn”. Marek grabbed a few weapons and left

the ship.

“This is a good vantage point” again thinking to himself.

Marek sat and waited, hoping that Alema would walk in to the bay. He saw a flash of blue skin

and then a flurry of blaster fire. He noticed Alema pinned down behind some crates that didn’t

look like they would last too long.

“Show time” Marek said, this time out loud.

With a gentle squeeze of the trigger, a rocket flew towards the Imperial troops and exploded

sending debris everywhere.

When the smoke cleared he saw Alema look up at him.

“Carn’t let those pesky imperials collect my bounty now can I?” Marek said with a grin on his


Marek let Alema go but to this day was unsure why. Alema had a good price on her head.

Marek decided to quickly leave Mos Eisley. After leaving Tatooine orbit he headed to the outer

rim territories to lay low for a bit and to continue searching for his other bounties.

During his stay on Carlac, Marek learnt of a contact that had a potential bounty on an Imperial

target. Marek headed to meet with the contact. Kangrang Ashukahwa was his name and he

was one ugly son of a bitch.

“You must be Marek Saal?” Kangrang asked.

“Maybe, who’s asking?”

“GUARDS!” Kangrang shouted and a small troop of rebel soldiers ran in, guns focused on


“Are you Marek?” he repeated.

“….” Silence came from Marek.

“Guards, search him”

“Guys you had better buy me lunch after this” Marek quipped.

“That’s him” said a familiar voice

Marek turned to see Alema. “You just can’t stay away can you?” Marek asked.

“We need good people like you”

“What’s is it for me?” Marek asked Alema.

“Money, fame and revenge” she said

Marek thought on this: “OK, the imperials are after me anyway, may as well piss them off in

the process”

“Marek, one more thing” Alema said whilst they walked away. “Take a shower, please”

A grin came over Marek’s face and he winked at Alema as they boarded their vessels.


Marek Saar

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