RUST (IG-862)


Originally built as an IG prototype for Project Phlutdroid at Holowan Laboratory, IG-862 was locked away in storage due to faulty personality core. Years after the facility was abandoned following the Holowan Massacre where the IG-88 droids manufactured murdered the whole crew of the facility, IG-862 was recovered by Duros scavenger/mechanic Ronin De Maal during his scavenging of the facility.

Ronin transferred the personality/memory core from RUST – his destroyed Slicer Droid to its new IG body and upgraded the IG platform to be a more competent slicer/hacker, hoping RUST in its new body will achieve even greater heights as his mechanical helper. RUST continued to be the mechanical helper to Ronin whilst the significantly improved capability of the IG body allowed it to develop a even richer personality, most of which was influenced by its master Ronin.

During a scavenging run at a abandoned space port on desert planet Q’mara, the pair unknowingly stumbled upon a Imperial Operatives’ hidden recon outpost inside the spaceport. The Imperial agents, assuming Ronin was with the Rebels since they were there to monitor the area of rebel acclivities, shot and killed Ronin. Spotting RUST, the Imperial agent who shot Ronin retreated back into the chamber he came from and locked himself in. Picking up his call for reinforcements on the comms, RUST allowed the Imperial reinforcements to arrive at the base, while he dragged the lifeless body of his owner away from the base. RUST then proceeded to remotely overload the faulty but still functional main reactor of the base flooding the facility with deadly radiation, killing all Imperial personnel inside.

After studying the intel from the Imperial’s terminals, RUST uncovered the details of the Imperial’s plan on eradicating Rebel presence in the system including their planned strike locations. RUST cremated his master’s remains according to his races’ traditions and then set out on his own.

Now having a personal vendetta against the Imperial, RUST got in touch with the rebel in the system with the Imperial’s intel and passed the Imperial’s strike plans to them only asking one thing in return. To be given entry into the ranks of the Rebels and be given the means to avenge his fallen master. The Rebels weren’t initially confident in letting in an assassin droid into their ranks but after learning of RUST’s expertise as a slicer and his history with his master, decided to give RUST a trial run in the force, believing his IG platform and his non-organic nature would give them an edge on some missions involving tasks that would prove great risk for organics but mundane for droids.


RUST (IG-862)

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