"Shadow Raptor" Nebulon-B Frigate





Originally the Imperial escort frigate Eccentric Lad, the Shadow Raptor was liberated from Contruum Shipyard by Airen Cracken and his crew of resistance fighters when he fled his homeworld. When Cracken’s crew officially joined the Rebel Alliance, the rechristened Shadow Raptor was put into service coordinating Intelligence Operations throughout the thirty-plus sectors of the Trans-Hydian Borderlands, with Cracken promoted to then rank of colonel and the acting captain and senior intelligence officer.

The crew of the Shadow Raptor, while disciplined, lack military bearing. There are no uniform requirements and no more military pomp than might be found on board a commercial transport of similar size. However, Airen Cracken and Zak Baaks takes their job very seriously and consider protecting the Raptor’s location and its mission their top priority. The misfit crew is largely made up of aliens local to the Trans-Hydian reigon who have a personal stake in seeing the Empire defeated.

The Shadow Raptor coordinates all Alliance Intelligence efforts in the Outer Rim between the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Route. While the ship runs with a light crew, a company of analysts and cryptographic technicians work with an assortment of analysis droids to sort through all the intelligence collected in the Trans-Hydian. Most of this information is analyzed, archived, and sent via secure courier to the office of General Vernan, the head of Alliance Intelligence. However, if some of the intelligence is considered actionable, the Shadow Raptor is equipped to deploy its team of operatives to take appropriate action.

The Shadow Raptor has been modified in a number of ways from a baseline Nebulon-B frigate. First, the hangars have been modified to accommodate Alliance starfighters instead of TIE racks, now hosting the full squadron of Z-95-AF4 Headhunters and a small Y-wing element under the famed Tala Squadron. The hull is painted matte black, and the running lights are largely disabled, with the exception of some that are used to mimic the density of local star fields. Finally, the sensor suite and comms array have both been upgraded to make certain the the Raptor discovers any Imperials in the area long before she is spotted.


"Shadow Raptor" Nebulon-B Frigate

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