Thall Ellison


Thall is lauded as a genius since the age of 10, when he graduated from the Carida Imperial Academy. Showing great promise in theoretical physics and galactic history, Thall nonetheless found his lifelong passion when he is recommended by his mentor, Academy Commandant Zoran Fin to work for BlasTech R&D.

Showing no love for either the empire or the insurgents that has come to known as the rebel alliance, Thall is shocked profoundly when news of the Fall of the cloning facilities at Kamino. coming to a sudden realization that the Empire is not as invincible as he has thought, tey preferred to put no moral judgement on the world at large, he continued to work for BlasTech, particularly for the project known as "", the bid to create the ultimate standard issue blaster rifle for the now fledging stormtrooper battalions across the Galactic Empire.

At BBY 5, Thall is the project leader at Team Alpha, BlasTech’s Quality proposition on Project "" while a failsafe Team B is works on a quantity solution. Thall is disgruntled when news comes to him that the empire has chosen to go with E-11 rifle developed by Team B, launching a tirade against the board of directors, already well-known as the eccentric and self-centered team lead in the company, Thall is summarily terminated.

Thall spent a few months indulging in holovids, cantina drinking crawls, sarlacc betting, eventually spending the last of his creds. In despair he is contacted by the Alliance Intelligence who has identified him as a possible asset to the rebellion, or more as denying the Empire from one of the greatest minds in small arms development. He gradually comes under the employ of Col. Airen Cracken as The Shadow Raptor’s Science Officer.


Thall Ellison

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