Session 3: Rebellion Rendezvous & Dead in the Water

Whilst Timi struggled to get the M226 out of a deadlock approach to Coruscant, the group attempted to round up the rest of the crew into a more manageable state. A huge stutter throws the entire crew off balance and the M226 finds herself exiting hyperspace into the vicinity of a Gas Giant. In the void of space Marek noticed a little too late that they’ve jumped into a trap. Tailed by a Gozanti-Class cruiser with Two Tie Fighters in tow, Thall tried and failed to coerce Lieutenant Troo to misinform the incoming impreial pursuit. The group quickly jumped into position. Timi and Thall taking up the Captain’s Seat and Co-Pilot console, while Marek taking up the engineering console and Alema attempting to work on the Hyperdrive to get it working. Timi punched the bulky freighter into its maximum speed, far from being able to outrun it’s match. Marek flexed his mechanical skills to angle the deflector shield from fore to aft, setting up for a full retreat and to buy as much time as possible. The first Tie swoops in attempting to get a close look at the freighter came in a little too close, banking hard reverse to avoid collision, the second tie’s first attack run does’t find its target missing by a narrow margin, while the Gozanti class opening fire as well, it’s twin heavy laser cannon hammering the M226’s shields. Marek’s quick thinking jettisoned one of the cargo pod’s side hatch, ejecting fumes of junks into the path of the disoriented Tie, disabling its engine for good. “JUMP” screamed Alema as she figured out all the astrogation nonsense to calculate a safe jump into hyperspace, failing to mask the trail though to avoid Imperial pursuit.

The M226 jumped into a complete void starscape, with the exception of one hulking flying hangar in front of the bridge.


Timi quickly identified the ship is a friendly Quasar fire class Bulk Cruiser, commonly used by the rebellion as starfighter carrier, yet this one is a little bit different… it’s holds are mostly filled with mid to large sized containers in lieu of the usual hangar deck.

A chime comes in on the M226’s communication console, where Timi answered. “Rawwwwr rawwrrr” distinctively wookie in origin, then comes a monotone voice “I’m speaking on behalf of my Captain ”/characters/brahtikka" class=“wiki-content-link”>Brahtikka of the Alliance Support Vessel Splinster’s Loom. I’m LELU, Wookie-Human relations, and we’re here to pick you and your cargo up." The group is subsequently given a moment to contemplate what to do with the crew they now held hostage as the Wookie captain has refused to take on the imperial prisoners. Thall failed to convince Troo to join them back to the Alliance while some deckhands did decided to come with the group. The group is split with Marek, Alema and Timi advocating to leave the rest of the crew be and Thall thinking it’s in the Alliance’s best interest to execute them, arguing it is a bad idea for the Empire to know they have one of their cargo vessels hijacked by Rebellion operatives. The issue finally comes to a vote and the crew is to be jettisoned in a vacated cargo pod with all life essential. As a last twisted effort to humiliate the crew, Marek forced at gunpoint the crew to enter pod naked… an hour goes by as the group and the Splinster’s Loom attempted to tow all the cargo pods in as well as the crew. It is in this time when Thall attempted to and failed to find a way to sabotage the jettisoning prison pod, succeeding however without the rest of the group knowing. Alema did her utmost sending the empty hulk of the temple class freighter into a preset coordinates but a last minute problem means that the coordinates might not have probably masked from the imperials.

Boarding the Splinster’s Loom, the group took on a three days trip back to the Alliance intelligence flagship shadow raptor. Coming about the it’s final approached, Thall learned from the bruised rebel prisoner Able Neereno that he was part of the Alliance intelligence operation to uncover a traitor in the midst of the secret base at Arda 1. Falling into the empires hand following an ambush, downing his T-47 speeder, he is bound for coruscant for the ISB’s interrogation. He is unwilling to reveal further details to the group before a full debrief with Alliance intelligence.

The less than pleasant sound of hyperdrive powering down is followed by the group, now gathered on the bridge taking in the view of the returning starscape. For a moment the crew thought they lost the Alliance intelligence flagship there, only with Timi noticing the star fields just seems to be blank on their port side… A mechanical thump indicated the ship has docked with some entity and the group finally realise the familiar outlines of a nebulon b frigate, now coated in a pitch black stealth finish. Looks like the shadow raptor had undergone a slight refit. The group is greeted by the ship’s navigator Tay, a bosph male they’re unfamiliar with. Marek wanted to unwind a while but the group decided they will first head to the bridge to debrief before all else. It is at this point when the ships Miralan captain, Hylo Sortuli greets the group and leads them to the briefing room where she punched in her data card, revealing a live holo connection to general cracken at an unknown location. The general congratulates the group on a mission successful and asked for the groups help, in the interim when they debrief able Neereno, to help with a supply mission for the raptor. The group is to meet up with a Alliance vetted smuggler group from the ship ‘crusader’ to arrange transfer for a shipment of protocol and repair droids recently liberated from Hammer station, a imperial cargo outpost. The group is promised a choice of specops grade gear from the quartermaster of the ship.

Meanwhile Thall stayed behind and advised the general he is aware of the locations of the M226 hulk and the group of prisoners they stowed on course the rebellion held space. cracken offers Thall’s group a longprobe YWing and defers to his discretion whether to go after the potentially dangerous M226 or the imperial crew, whom their capture may be a significant Intel boost for the Alliance.

Session 2: Battle for M226

Favouring a direct approache, Marek and RUST take turns to pacify the troopers guarding the exit while, with an element of surprise, the group quickly neutralised all threats in the hangar, but not before a dying trooper punched a calling button on a nearby comms terminal. Thall approached the comms terminal answering the call, failing to avoid the inevitable security patrol coming in lead by the deck chief. Alema rounded up the work crew in the hangar boasting them on a secret imperial investigation, convincing the group to stay low as the group get around setting up an ambush.

Thall hastily dressed himself up in the attires of one of the fallen navy officer’s uniform, setting up a scene in the midst of the deck with a couple of deceased troopers and Thall himself reeling in pain awaiting to attract the attention of the incoming foes, while the party lie in waiting at a blind spot near the entrance. The blast door opens and a party of 5 storms into the scene, failing to notice the group lying in ambush, the party of 4 navy troopers and Petty Officer Tera Wen rushed to the aid of the downed navy trooper that is Thall. All hells breaks loose when Alema took this moment to surprise the imperial party with her uncanny gunslling skills, promptly shooting down one trooper at the back. Fighting ensues for a couple of minutes amidst the packed hangar deck with covers aplenty, our heros evenrually overpowered the imperial troopers and managed to stun the deck officer. Interrogation reveals what lies ahead on their road to the Command Module of M226, connecting the docking section with a 5 meter wide tunnel that is meant to be traversed with repulsorlift cargo skiffs.

Knocking the deck officer down, our heroes proceeds to the innards of the docking section, deciding to traverse the ship with 2 of the 3 cargo skiffs parked there instead of using the service tunnel. piloted by Alema and RUST, the group raced to the command section before the massacre at the hangar deck translates into a general alert on the ship. 15 minutes into the tunnel Timi noticed they are being trailed by another cargo skiff, knowing the time is not on their side, Alema and RUST punched the controls to get the last leg of the journey to the command section. Out of a sudden the tunnels lights are gone to a sporadic flickering, this and his unfamiliarity with the ship innards resulted in RUST failing to avoid a huge pipe at the side of the tunnel, knocking the skiff out of balance and its riders square onto the group, both taking substantial damage. Knowing they need all the firepower they need and because of her old flame, Alema did a tight U turn with in the 2 file tunnel, despite her expert piloting she fail to avoid a well camouflaged obstacle in pitch darkness, with the rest of the group flipping up and down onto the surface, all taking substantial hit except Timi, who managed to hold onto the edge of the skiff and controlled his landing.

The group prepared for the coming pursuers as Alema explored the surrounding, looking at a couple more service tunnels they might walk on foot and undetected. the distinct sound of the skiff’s loud engine grows louder until the pursuing skiff, manned by one low-ranking imperial officer stopped at the crash site with thall again feigning injuries. Alema took the opportunity to shoot a stunning shot at the officer, missing her shot in the darkness and instead almost hitting Thall, prompting the officer taking a position near Thall hunkered down. Thall quickly apprehended her. It has been revealed, through casual coercion that the woman is a junior comm officer on the M226 Bridge, the group learned all they can of the command deck layout, the composition of the command crew, the commander Lt. Cmdr. Jilan Noor and the first mateLt. Hyzhan Trooand forced her to guide the group safely to the end of the tunnel, the entrance to the command module.

The entrance, flanked by strong walls with a wide 4 meters tall blast door at the entrance, does not looks to be particularly secured at all as officers and crews alike walked to and fro. Alema attempted to force the officer they captured into calling her command officer, Lt. Hyzhan Troo through her comlink, though unwilling, she complied to it at Alema’s gunpoint. In the conversation to draw Troo out though, she breaks down mentally in immese stress and warned the lieutenant of her rebel captives. Sirens promptly raised and blast doors shut as Alema knocks the junior officer down with her pistol hilt. Learning about the layout of the five decks in the module on a wall sign, the group make out that the entrance will put them at level 4 – cargo storage. Locked by a computer so encrypted that not even Thall can bypass, RUST nonetheless disabled the mechanical lock of the door and with a bit of force, forced the door open, the crew cannot be more aware that they are being boarded at this point.

Passing through the cargo area to the turbolift, the group decided to fan out with Alema taking the right stairwell, RUST and TIMI taking the right while Marek and Thall taking point to get to the bridge in the turbolift. The heros found the bridge that they entered surprisingly empty as they enters and, finally noticing they are all armed with pistols, some of them are obviously shaken and frightened, but is nonetheless forced to make a last stand by Lt. Cmdr. Jilan Noor. With a taunt to the rebel scums, as he puts, Noor coordinated near by troopers to take a covered position with himself shooting at Marek, who barely evaded the shot. The fight slowly turns to the group’s favour as Noor makes one last ditch effort to shoot an wounded Alema on the right stairwell, advanced to a more vulnerable position. Troo is visibly less participative as the fight ensues and the group concentrated their fire, brining down finally the commander with a grenade lobbed to the feets to Noor, ending his defiance in a fiery and then dead pile of ash. Alema’s disgust is well noticed by the group as Troo raised both her hands in surrender. M226 is now nominally under alliance control.

Troo bargained that as long as no one is hurt further, she will order a general stand down and will not offer anymore resistance. It is at this point where the group noticed the ship is in fact in hyperspace, Troo revealed their destination is Coruscant. As Timi worked on ways to drop the ship out of hyperspace and programming their jump to the alliance rendezvous, Thall accessed the ships primary databanks to locate the rebel prisoner being held. Besting the dated imperial security firewalls he managed to isolate the PERLEMIAN HAUL shipment schedules, as well as finding a full file on the prisoner they’re rescuing Able Nereno, the file reveals he was apprehended with the help of an Imperial Spy in the midst of a rebellion outpost in the Arda system…

Session 1: Aboard the Raptor

Gathered around at the bridge of the Shadow Raptor, our elite group of rebel operatives received a briefing from Col. Airen Cracken about the PERLEMIAN HAUL and the whereabouts of a hidden rebel informant named Passk, aboard the Martle Station orbiting Renduba II. The group set off for their first mission after Alema spending some time in the analysis deck trying to learn more about the Imperial convoy in question. Aboard the Cantar Spark, Alema’s R4 astromech programme a jump along the Perlemian hyperlane, a glitch in the droid’s computer systems has the Cantar Spark jumped into a loose asteroid field, missing a large asteroid only by a distance of a few kilometers. All is not lost when Timi, the Mon Calamarian fleet tactician flicked his fingers expertly jumping the Cantar Spark exactly where they should be, on approach vector to the Martle Station.

The group landed in the shuttle bay without issues and is promptly greeted by a dock official trying to collect an obviously inflated docking fees, Alema tried and failed to seduce the dock official, only to be threatened immediate arrest, this prompted RUST to approach with a more direct appeal to his greed, digitally smirking as he have seen all too much of this big human flaw: Greed. RUST argued that they are only here for a few days and the group got through this without issue with a small bribe of 100 credits.

Aboard the Martle Station the group’s meddling around eventually catch the attention of PASSK, who has a good idea they are sent my the Colonel, but preferred to interact with the group in a more secure location. Greeting by PASSK as the group joins him at Passk’s Oddity store, Alema breaks directly to Passk their true nature with the Alliance, surprisingly to the group this seemed to open up another side of Passk as the group’s commanding presence and ideals eventually woken up the inner Rebel in Passk. He also found an unlikely idol in Thall, whom he has long admired as one of the best small arms developer in the core regions. Passk offered the group to leverage his personal connections to Varla Prule, the corrupted and vain middle aged Imperial Governor aboard the station. Taking his advice the group proceeded to the governor’s office with Thall dressed up as a wealthy businessmen. Thall seduced Varla into a bar date after his keen perception and scienctific mind noticing shipping computer just behind the reception area.

Already waiting for an opportunity, RUST sneaked past and hidden in the reception area, and proceed to slicing out a considerable amount of relevant data, the group now have the exact whereabouts and schedule of not only the arrival time of the Haul. Alema, splitting up with the group and sneaking into the docks, and honing R4’s hacking skills, successfully located also the exact transport schedule and the names of its 3 workgang members onboard bound for Freighter M226. With an hour and a half to go before the arrival, the group decided to retreat to the Cantar Spark to discuss next steps. this is when Alema contacted Passk through her handheld comlink, convincing Passk again to disclose Raf, a twilek workgang boss who might be able to help the group to arrange for the a passage on the transport to M226.

Equipped with the knowledge how Raf is a Rebel sympathizer who has a working arrangement to supply medical packs to several alliance contacts, the group feels it prudent to reveal their true nature to Raf and to seek his help. Things got shaky at first when Marek’s going to far prompting Raf wanting to do nothing with the Alliance. quick thinking saved the day when Marek coerced Raf into giving in, hinting on Raf’s old “medical” history. Raf eventually proofs helpful, agreeing to help the group substituting the workgang members bound for M226, before the group departs, noticing Marek’s lackluster pistol on the holster, he offered him a used DH-17 blaster pistol, Marek’s noticed a little strange markings on the hilt, but he couldn’t quite decipher its’ true denotation.

Timi, Thall and Alema promptly dressed as a lowly work crew, with Marek dressed up is an Imperial Navy Officer with RUST as escort. Alema’s expert piloting skills bested the clunky control of the small transport and flew a near-perfect Imperial approach vector to the aft section of the Freighter M226. Expecting their arrival, the group is casually checked by the officer Thall has identified as a Chief Petty Officer overlooking the cargo loading deck operations. The group’s disguise worked perfectly until Marek and RUST attempted to look deeper into the ship. Stopped by the already suspicious navy troopers who never saw one of their fleet officer arriving in such a rusty transport, Marek failed to convince them and in the split second before they reach out for their comlink to signal the deck chief to join them, RUST’s binary beeps over the comlink prompted R4 on the transport to create a engine blast setting up a diversion, all is too late though and as a last ditch effore Marek has failed to grapple the trooper in front of him, though his strong frame knocked him to the ground prone.

The Battle for M226 has begun.



The galaxy is embroiled in a bitter civil war. Above the remote planet of Remduba II, an orbital platform may hold the keys to the survival of the REBELLION. Captured data reveals the mysterious PERLEMIAN HAUL, an Imperial convoy ferrying Rebel prisoners for interrogation, must stop here for refuel.

Now, a strike force of REBEL agents sets off from the frigate SHADOW RAPTOR. Their goal: infiltrate the station, board one of the convoy’s freighters, and commandeer it.

The Video


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